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Arrivatrans, with its expert staff and sectoral knowledge, also produces the most reliable and economical solutions in the field of project transportation.

As Arrivatrans, we are able to provide short-term or long-term storage of both export and import cargoes at the relevant destinations.

We provide global services in the field of sea transportation, air transportation, customs clearance services, storage and project transportation.

We know that sticking to our promises is the biggest gain. We keep customer and employee loyalty at the forefront.


Unlimited SERVICE

While Arrivatrans, founded in 2012, provides air transport services only in Spain and Africa lines at the first years, it has expanded its service area in all the continents within a short time. It began to provide sea and air services all over the world simultaneously. Maritime transport, air transport, customs clearance services, warehousing, project transportation are ranked among the services provided by Arrivatrans.

  • We Run It Together.
  • We Create Added Value.
  • We Determine Requirements.
  • We Offer Secure Service.

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You can contact us for all your questions about transportation and logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my delivered products be delivered?

Your delivered products are delivered to their buyers within the periods specified in the delivery schedule, which is also an october to the contract.

How is the tracking of return and return shipments done?

We will send your returned shipments that are not accepted by the buyer back to your address if you wish, or if there are any defects that can be fixed, we will correct them and ensure that they are delivered to the buyer again.

What is the delivery status of my delivered products?

We share status information such as where the shipment is, when it departed, who received it, with you as you wish.

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You can contact us for all your questions about transportation and logistics.